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Continuous Casting Mold Level Control System

Размещено: 17 июня 2024

Continuous Casting Mold Level Control System


The automatic control for the molten steel level of the mold is one of the key technologies of continuous casting production. It is very important to reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve production efficiency, improve the quality and output of casting billet, reduce overflow and breakout of steel and improve the management level of steelmaking and continuous casting.

The molten steel is poured into the mold. In order to prevent overflow, the molten steel level must be kept stable. Otherwise, during the casting process, if the level will fluctuate too much, and slag will be involved, forming surface slag inclusion on the surface of the casting billet, affecting the quality of the billet. The test points out that the relationship between the level fluctuation and the depth of casting billet surface slag inclusion is as follows:

The experience has shown that surface slag inclusions can be eliminated when the level fluctuation is within ±10mm. At the same time, if the level fluctuation is more than 10mm, the rate of longitudinal cracks on the casting billet surface is 30%. It means that the level fluctuation directly affects the surface quality of the casting billet.

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